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It seems the nation is in shock by the stunning revelations lately of pop superstars who were abused as children appear to have gone on and continued the same cycle with children that they befriended due to their fame and popularity.

I am here with Joe Doyle who wants to sound off on that.

“Thanks Mickey for your time. I appreciate you hearing me out on this.”

“And yeah, what a total shocker, huh?”

“I mean, not just shocking, but disgusting, too.”

“Sure, I understand that we all basically emulate what is taught to us as children. We pass these qualities onto our kids, but in our own different way.”

“After all, we are only raised once as a child.”

“But this. This is different, you know? I am blindly taught as a member of society that this abuse is ‘bad’ and I shouldn’t question why, or even further explore why someone would do this in the first place.”

“Sure, some would even say that these stars’ raw talent and skill is derived from such childhood trauma. An aspiring psychoanalyst could even find the link between childhood trauma and subsequent talent.”

“But I don’t care about any of that, OK? That has nothing to do with me and my preconceived notions and bias that lead to easy judgement.”

“What matters to me is that I can spend the money I earned from my thankless, dead-end job on these artists while never having to hear about the obvious evil that has no doubt occurred in their life to get them where they are today.”

“I mean, can’t they do a better job keeping that stuff a secret, the way their abuser wanted?”

“Seriously, that makes them not only a victim, but a terrible listener, right? Sickening!”

“I know, I know. I suppose I could spend time better understanding their situation as an actual real live compassionate human being, taking the time to learn why they did what they did to an innocent that they allowed in their inner circle.”

“But that takes time. And patience.”

“And I got neither.”

“Easier to judge them based on my societal conditioning and move onto the next artist that will eventually disappoint me with their necessary sordid past that got them where they are today.”

“I know there’s got to be one out there that won’t fail me.”


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