Mickey McMickersonMickey McMickerson

Detroit, MI (CT)

I had some time to visit a local friend who had some thoughts recently occur to him.

“Hey, Mickey. Great to see you, man. Thanks for stopping by.”

“Yeah, something that I was thinking of while on the treadmill, actually. Thinking about Star Wars, naturally.”

“First off, what was up with that cave in Empire? That’s what got me down this path. It made me think… is Earth that cave?”

“Like, we’re all in this cave, exploring ourselves and our deepest fears.”

“And then I started thinking about Star Wars as whole.”

“You got the old man Obi-wan who tells Luke a certain story, and then there is of course Darth who tells him something completely different and yet ultimately true.”

“Then it hit me. Obi-wan is God, Luke is the human race, and Darth Vader is Satan. Obi-wan shows Luke the good side of the force, but then Vader is all like ‘no you are actually mine – I made you!’”

“It’s like God becomes Satan and Satan becomes God. And it’s been that way this entire time, only Luke becomes aware of it.”

“And of course, Luke totally freaks out and has a problem with it at first, but then realizes it is not such a bad deal and he can work with it.”

“It’s a metaphor, you know?”


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