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I recently caught up with someone online who had strong feelings about reading someone else’s comments on social media, and had to share their opinion about it.

“Yeah, thanks for listening to me. I know I could keep my thoughts to myself, but I have to tell this person they are an idiot, OK?”

“I mean, I could call also call them a moron, imbecile, or even retard. And I know retard is especially bad these days, which would make me more effective in not convincing them whatsoever that I am more correct than they are.”

“They have to understand that the facts of the world as presented to them by someone at some point in time are not as accurate as the facts of the world as presented to me by someone at some point in time.”

“I also know I could spend time learning more about their perspective and subsequent world view, taking the time to carefully study their way of thinking to ultimately arrive at the same viewpoint that they currently possess, thus making me a fuller, complete human being, capable of compassion and understanding.”

“But that sounds like a lot of work. I’d rather just call them an idiot and move onto the next post in my feed that upsets me.”


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